Since 1985, Studio 7 has been providing its clients with eye-stopping images that get results. Seasoned photographer, Shawn Wood, blends a masterful eye with flawless technique to bring ideas to life. Whether your project calls for an artful studio set or an executive portrait to punctuate an annual report, you can count on Studio 7 to deliver the goods … on time, on budget and on target.


Sure, we’ve won our fair share of awards along the way. But it’s not about making our studio walls look nice. It’s about making each of our clients, their products and services look great. Just like a song with a memorable hook, we strive to deliver images that burn into the mind’s eye and create an indelible mark.


And yes, the studio is geared up for the most demanding of shoots, whether on location or in our studio. Naturally, we use the latest digital and electronic tools. They’ve helped tremendously in reducing turnaround time, improving workflow and often reducing overall costs. But, we all know all the whiz bang gizmos in the world will never make up for the one elusive trait that separates a snapshot from a compelling, effective image. The trait of imagination. And that is Studio 7’s stock in trade.


Contact Shawn at 330.224.0641 or by email to, to discuss your next project. Together, you and Studio 7 can make visual magic.


Shawn opened his commercial photography studio in 1985.The Canton Advertising Club soon awarded him the outstanding new member award in 1986. Though the years he has received many awards for his outstanding photography. In 2006 his was elected President of the Cleveland Chapter of The American Society of Media Photographers.


Whether it is photographing the integrity of the Protective Heat Tiles on the Space Shuttle Atlantis to a one-on-one portrait session with then, president’s wife, Barbara Bush he has always added his own creative style. Some of the publications that have featured his work are National Geographic to People Magazine. When not shooting for a client or assignment, Shawn’s passion is creating his own fine art of the world he sees through the camera’s lens.


Artist Statement.


“The successful image is created from inside an open mind”


Shawn Wood